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Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes

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Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes

By Clyde Watson — Pictures by Wendy Watson
Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 2003
ISBN 9780374375768

Who is that knocking at the door?
It’s old Father Fox with surprises galore!
Licorice & lollipops, lemons & limes
A bundle of toys & a bag full of rhymes…

Over thirty years ago, Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes became an instant classic and was a National Book Award Finalist. Now Father Fox returns with new rhymes especially for yuletide. These poems will conjure up the excitement & mystery of the season, from the first flakes of snow to that bittersweet moment when Christmas ends for another year.


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“Distills the essence of the season’s many pleasures.” –Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

“This is the Christmas everyone dreams of...” –Children's Literature

“[A] beautifully designed tribute to an old-fashioned holiday season...” –Kirkus