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Father Fox's Christmas Rhymes

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Father Fox's Pennyrhymes

By Clyde Watson — Illustrated by Wendy Watson
Originally Published by the Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1971
Reissued by HarperCollinsPublishers, 2001
ISBN 9780060295011

Life proclaimed this long-unavailable classic the “first authentically colloquial and breezily American nursery rhyme” when it was published in 1971. Now it is back for new generations to enjoy!

All of Clyde Watson’s verses have what School Library Journal calls the “foot-stomping rhythm of an American square dance call.” Some feel cozy and nostalgic; others are silly. Many evoke the pleasures of changing seasons. But they all keep readers and young listeners entertained, page after page. Wendy Watson’s fully imagined and finely detailed pictures of the splendid fox family, at home and on joyous outings, will make children giggle. As The New York Times Book Review explains, “Put it all together – rhymes and pictures – and the book is like a breath of fresh country air.”


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“A clever, cheerful, jazzy Vermont general store of a book...” –Time

“...The Watson Sisters have made foxes irresistible.” –Ladies' Home Journal

“Brims with as much wit and charm as ever.” –Publisher's Weekly