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Rabbit Moon

Written by Patricia Hubbell
Illustrated by Wendy Watson

Marshall Cavendish; 2002
ISBN 9780761451037

Life holds many surprises – especially for young children – but could even they imagine Rabbit fireworks in July and Rabbit snowmen in February?!

An engaging collection of poems for preschoolers and early readers, this unique almanac celebrates the holidays and good times enjoyed by young Rabbits and children alike.

What a spooky, scary scene!
Rabbits dressed for Halloween!

On burrow doors they pound and beat
Demanding Rabbit trick-or-treat.

There’s New Year’s Day, when Rabbits joyfully anticipate what’s to come. On Rabbit Leader’s Day, they honor the past. Mother’s Day is for thanking Mom; Thanksgiving for thanking Big-Rabbit-in-the-Moon. And don’t forget Valentine’s, April Fools’, and all the other special days of the year.

Adding to the fun for small children are cheerful, delightfully playful illustrations (rendered in acrylics and India ink) of rabbits here, rabbits there, rabbits everywhere!


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“What a fun way to learn about the calendar.” –Children's Literature

“... helpful for introducing young children to the cycle of the year... adorable characters cavort over the spreads...” –School Library Journal