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The Importance of Research: Making the Pictures For SPUDS PDF download: Making the pictures for Spuds

I made a week-long trip to the potato-farming country of northernmost Maine to do on-site research for the pictures of this book, and I did more online and library research once I returned to my studio. This PowerPoint program covers all the steps I took in making the pictures, from research photos to initial sketches to finished art and production proofs. The program puts a special emphasis on the use of research, and the ways it influences the finished art.

Adaptable for any audience: children, families, adults, or professionals

From Beginning to End: Writing and Illustrating BEDTIME BUNNIES PDF download: Writing and Illustrating Bedtime Bunnies

From the first idea for the story, to a copy of the bound book, this PowerPoint program covers every step of the creative process. Rough drafts, working with an editor, re-writing, sketches and revisions, choosing media, and executing the finished art, are all covered. So are the production process, like page design, type placement, and color proofs.

Adaptable for any audience: children, families, adults, or professionals.

Creating Energy and Movement in Children’s Book IllustrationPDF download: Creating Energy and Movement in Children's Book Illustrations

There are many ways in which children book illustrators can create energy in their illustrations. This PowerPoint program discusses the options for creating this energy that are available to illustrators as they pose and choreograph figures; compose and depict backgrounds; compose book jackets, pages, and spreads; choose and manipulate media; manipulate shape, line, color, and value. A thorough investigation of the many opportunities to enliven and invigorate an image.

Suitable for amateur and professional artists.

Illustrator’s Challenge: Creating the Art for THE CATS IN KRASINSKI SQUARE PDF download: Creating the Art for THE CATS IN KRASINSKI SQUARE

This picture book for older readers is set in German-occupied Warsaw during WWII. The protagonist, a young Jewish girl passing as a Gentile, plays an important part in Resistance efforts to help Jews still trapped behind the Ghetto walls. This PowerPoint program shows the creation of the art for this story from beginning to end, covering some of the challenges involved, including research, choice of media and style, conveying emotion and atmosphere, introducing hope in the midst of a disturbing theme.

Adaptable for any audience: children grades 5-6 and up, adults, or professionals.